' Do My pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Part 7)

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' Do My pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Part 7)

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“Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch” … (Megan, Part 7)

The continuation of a shy wife story by:

Bertram W. Bronson

Part 7… {{{Watching the swollen head of a cock sliding into my wife}}}

His head turned toward me, Lance’s dark eyes shifting from the space between my wife's up-tipped buttocks, and murmuring… “What a lovely little blonde cunt… spread it with your fingers Bob… and we can both watch the head of my cock slide into your wife.”

Kneeling on the bed, my hesitant hands were cupped over the cheeks Megan’s bare buttocks, and his words were like little cold feet walking up my spine. By the time the icy prickles reached the back of my neck, this ruggedly handsome Australian guy was lifting his left knee, straddling the backs of Megan’s legs, aligning his stiffly erected cock with the crack of my wife's up-lifted bare ass… and whispering...

“Don’t worry Bob, she’s gonna love this…”

My eyes were fixated on the naked head of his up-angling cock, anxiously staring at it, unable to force my eyes away from the tautly swollen head… the shape and size of a large plum, and it was hovering so near Megan’s buttocks. I could feel my hands trembling as I moved my fingers from the crease of her groin, inching the fingertips of both hands toward the soft spongy folds of my wife's vulva, a fringe of thin pubic hair brushed the tips of my fingers… and my pulse leaped at the thought of spreading my wife's vagina for the eyes of another man.

Under my palms, the smooth skin of Megan’s bare ass felt silky warm… inching forward, the ends of my fingers met, my extended fingertips coming together at the edges of her vaginal seam. I paused, shaken, trembling, feeling the feathery touch my wife's pubic hair and the slippery warmth of her snugly closed vagina under the pads of my fingers. And Lance was staring at my fingers, watching and waiting for me to spread my wife's vulva… waiting in anticipation of the perverse excitement of sliding his cock into my wife as I watched.

And some deep inner force was pulling at me, urging me on… Submitting to it, I slowly curled my fingers, easing the tips down into the thin strands of my wife's pubic hair… pressing down gently, feeling her starting to spread …feeling her warm slippery fluids welling up against the tips of my fingers… gently and slowly, I pulled side-to-side, splaying her apart with my fingers, spreading her blondish pubic hairs and the long narrow crease of her cunt… both of us watching my wife's slippery pink flesh peeling apart, the thin inner lips separating to reveal a long shimmering pink crease…

Appalled, Megan began to whimper and whine, shifting about, a little side-to-side shifting of her hips as she tried to lower her buttocks, but her knees were pinned by the elastic of her panty waist, and straddled across the back of her legs, he leaned in, easing the pinkish-purple head of his cock closer to the cheeks of my wife's naked buttocks.

Out of balance, her knees pinned, Meg tottered to one side. “Hold your wife's ass up,” he whispered. His eyes flashed toward me, resting the underside of his cock on the left cheek of my wife's bare behind and murmuring under his breath …“watch Bob, watch it slide into her…”

In some irrational state of mind, I found myself complying, squatting next to my wife, my palms grasping her hips, holding her up-ended bare ass in place for this handsome young man. A little frightened, she began to squirm and twist her hips and I could feel the slick ooze of vaginal fluids wetting through the soft curly hairs, smearing the tips of my fingers with a glaze of lubricious warmth. As if my fingers were paralyzed, I held Megan’s pink flesh apart, offering the wet crease of my wife's vagina, my eyes anxiously flicking from the space between her squirming buttocks and back to the swollen head of his stiffly erected cock…

Drawing out the moment, as if to torture me… the pulsing head of his cock slid across my wife's left ass-cheek. I drew a quick shuddery breath and held it, watching as it settled between her cheeks, the underside of a plum-size penis-head coming to rest against the sensitive button of my wife's dainty warm anus. The crack of my wife's ass was awash of slippery vaginal secretions and I heard Megan’s breathy gasp, felt her shivering and trying to clench her cheeks, it was an excruciatingly intimate touch of male/female parts and I saw goose-flesh rising on the skin of her bare bottom… then came the whimpers… muffled whimpers with her pretty face still pressed into a soft feather pillow.

“Ohhh no, not there…,” she wailed… “Ohhh don’t…”

For a few moments Lance paused with his swollen cock-head resting firmly again Megan’s dainty anal button, letting her shiver and wail. He rocked his hips, back-and-forth, only an inch or two, letting the underside of his up-curving cock graze back-and-forth across the tender indent. She squirmed, twisting, wiggling, trying to lower her hips… then, just as her breath broke into a sob, he pressed the thickly swollen head downward, across the little strip of hair-less skin, the wide head of his cock sliding smoothly through my wife's slippery pink flesh, barely missing the sticky wet tips of my fingers as he swiped it downward across Megan’s tiny vaginal opening.

Megan stifled the sob as she drew a gasping breath. Frozen in place, I couldn't take my eyes away from the head of his cock. I could only stare at the broad head of his cock swiping slowly up-and-down between my fingers, up-and-down across my wife's tingling clitoris, the glistening little nubbin of clitoral nerves peeking out of its cover. He nuzzled the head of it deeper into my wife's loosened pink flesh, wetting himself with her slippery fluids. Under the palms of my hands, I could feel Megan’s buttocks starting to shift, little side-to-side swivels, now seemingly eager for the first thrust of his cock, her rump lifting higher… her muffled whimpers now becoming raspy moans.

“Ohhh Bobby, I want Lance to fuck me… but ohhh god, not in my ‘behind’…”

A quick smile crossed his lips. For several breathy seconds he leaned back onto his heels, the glistening end of his cock breaking contact with my wife's pink flesh, a long pulsing stiff cock thrusting upward between her ass-cheeks at a seemingly impossible angle. He could see me staring at it… at the broad end of it, at the glimmer of my wife's vaginal secretions on the head of another man’s cock. I stared, mesmerized, almost unable to draw a breath.

“Bob… would you like to guide it into your wife?”

Megan gasped, poised with her bare ass up in the air, she turned her head, looking up at me, nervously waiting. A shivery chill ran up my back… an oxymoronic mix of excitement and revulsion, I'd never touched another man’s cock… would never even consider touching a man’s genitalia, but there it was, the head of a stiffly swollen cock again resting lightly against the cheek of my wife's bare ass… barely an inch from the pink skin of her spread vagina.

But still, something was driving me… the crazy thought of guiding the head of another man’s cock into my wife’s vagina. And it was right there… the swollen head of it almost brushing against the tips of my fluid smeared fingers. It was like something out of a crazy nightmare, my unsteady hands were still on the cheeks Megan’s ass, holding her pink skin stretched apart…

“Put it in me,” my wife moaned… “Ohhh do it Bobby… put his penis there.”

I thought of reaching out… toward his up-trusting cock, taking it into my hand, guiding it between her buttocks. The bare head of it was already smeared with my wife's secretions… it would slide in so smoothly. My heart was pounding, I could hardly breathe, couldn't talk; I just kneeled there, shaking and quivering all over, barely able to move.

But Lance didn’t wait for my nerves to settle and the swollen penis-head brushed against the tips of my mucus smeared fingers as he pressed it just under the dainty button of my wife's anus… and I watched it up-close… so up-close my vision blurred… the head of a naked penis settling just under her little anal button, pressing against the slippery pink flesh… against the snug fleshy skin of my wife's opening. I watched her stretching, her slippery pink skin starting to close over him… and heard him gasp…

“She’s tight Bob… wet and slippery, but really snug.”

As his cock began to slide into my wife, I moved my fingers out of the way, but still leaning close, staring at the head of his cock, unable to tear my eyes away from the sight of their merging loins, the intimate coming together of male/female genitalia, his bulbous cock-head pressing in, drawing back a bit, the pliant, mucus lining of my wife's opening stretching further and further over the pulsing knob.

He grasped my wife's hips and I heard her draw a deep breath as the head slipped out of sight, her pink slippery flesh stretched around the head of his cock, the snug rim of my wife's opening now tightly gripped around the white stem of his cock… and at that moment I felt the creepy-crawlies working their way up into my throat. Megan’s eyes widened, she could feel the broad cock-head stretching her pink opening… sliding in… sliding deeper, a raspy, “ohhh my god,” escaped her pretty lips

“Ready Bob… ready to see a long cock slide into your wife's belly?”

I could only groan and swallow hard, swallowing down the crawlies as he hunched his hips, once, twice… half the length of his cock sliding into the pink skin of my wife's cunt… then drawing back nearly to the head… her wet slippery flesh leaving a glistening smear of mucus fluids… then the final quick hunch of his strong hips burying the full length of it deep into the belly of an innocent young wife and mother.

A first shrill shriek rang through the quiet night as the thick head of his cock punched deep into Megan’s snug belly… the lengthy cock punching deep into the clutching warmth of her slippery cunt and I could see his strong hands clutching my wife's hips, his muscular stomach holding tight against the curve of her silky smooth ass… then her head lifting, tossing side-to-side and the pitiful whimpering cries. “Ohhhh Bobby, ohhhh, it feels so big… ohhh it’s so big…”

Several seconds passed. Lance held tight, letting my whimpering wife catch a breath, the full length of his cock buried deep into her belly, his muscular stomach still pressing firmly against the cheeks of her buttocks, then he eased slowly back… the head of his cock easing partway out of Megan’s tense belly, several glistening inches of its length coming into view. I heard my wife sigh, almost a sigh of relief as the thickly swollen head drew back.

Her head plopped back down against the bed sheet. Eyes squeezed shut, she was drawing deep shuddering breaths and Lance could see my eyes anxiously staring at the pink flesh of my wife's snug cunt, at the little rim of pink stretched so tightly around the circumference of his cock. He turned his head, seeing the anxiety in my eyes, and murmuring…

“Easy Bob… your wife will be okay Bob, it took her breath away and she’s a little scared, but more surprised than hurt.”

He eased back a little more, his slippery cock sliding out almost to the thick head, then pushing smoothly back into my wife… several slow smooth pushes, letting her get used to the width of his cock, to the feeling of the big swollen head, stretching her pink flesh, the intense feeling of its length pushing the broad cock-head deep into the pit of her belly. I could see vaginal fluids, thin creamy mucus starting to spread further out onto the roots of her pubic hair, and I couldn’t take my eyes away, I just rested there on my knees, spellbound, staring into the space between her buttocks, watching the gluey pink opening of my wife's cunt clinging around his slippery cock, an inch away… the button of her dainty anus flexing and straining with every deep sliding thrust of his cock.

“Your wife's got a neat little ass Bob,” he whispered, “can you see okay… can you see your wife stretched around my cock?”

“Ohhh god,” I groaned, my eyes locked on splay of her vulva, on the ripple of slippery pink skin sliding along the length of his cock, watching the broad purplish head coming barely into view… the fleshy rim of my wife's cunt gripped around it… then watching his cock sliding smoothly back into her… the pink slippery rim of skin inverting and pressing back between the twin folds of her vulva… his muscular back arching, rhythmically up-tucking his pelvis into the crack of Megan’s up-slanting bare ass.

He was fucking my wife with long slow pushes, deliberately slow, almost in slow-motion, so I could see every agonizing, taunting ripple of my wife's gluey pink flesh gliding smoothly along the slippery up-curving length of his rigid cock and from time-to-time he’d pause, his stomach pressed tightly against the curve of my wife's bare ass… the pulsing thick head of his prick out of sight… deep in my wife's fleshy warm cunt… momentary pauses, only to slide his cock in-and-out of her again-and-again.

And my wife was whimpering, but holding her spine curved, her sweetly dimpled fanny up-turned to take the long slow thrusts of his cock. I glanced down at her pretty face, blue eyes tightly closed, her head gently bobbing, one hot cheek still pressed against the bed sheet. I brushed the backs of my fingers across her flaming cheek and her long dark lases fluttered.

“Meg… sweetheart,” I whispered, “are you okay?”

Dreamy blue eyes blinked open, staring up at me from some faraway place, “Meg,” I repeated, “are you all right… is it hurting?”

“Don't,” she gasped, trying to catch her breath, mindlessly mumbling and whimpering. “Oh Bobby, don’t let him stop,” “don't let him stop… please don't let it stop.”

I watched the fluttery dark lases lower, her glazed eyes squeezing shut again, one tense fist tightly clutching a fold in the bed sheet, her satin panties wrapped around her knees, her up-tipped ass rocking up-and-down, taking the long slow thrusts of his firmly stiffened cock.

And all the while, Lance was looking down between the cheeks of my wife's ass, watching the length his slippery cock sliding in-and-out of her. “I told you Bob, told you she’d love it… it’s the shy ones who love it the most.” I glanced at the strong hands of this young athlete, firmly gripping my wife's hips, his thumbs pressing into soft skin of her perfect ass, “But first time,” he mumbled …“they need the comfort of hubby gripping a sweaty hand.”

Unable to respond, I just kneeled there with my eyes fixed on my wife's dimpled bare ass and he began to slide his long slippery prick into her a little faster… agonizing minutes passed… short quick strokes, becoming deeper, faster… smacking his loins harder against my wife's bare ass and she began to grunt… whimpers and the deep-throated grunts of an approaching orgasm.

He paused a moment, his stomach tightly pressed against my wife's buttocks, the head of his pulsing cock out of sight in the pit of her belly… “She’s close Bob… real close. Let’s get Meg’s panties off so I can get her knees apart and spread her legs.”

My eyes drifted down to the pink satin panties still wrapped around her knees. Lance leaned slightly away from Megan’s hips… my eyes glanced up and locked on the sight of his long slippery cock beginning to slide out of my wife’s snug vagina… suddenly feeling wobbly, a reeling sensation as I watched her pink rim of mucus membrane stretching, finally gliding over and releasing the big plum-shaped head… his stiff slippery cock springing upward from between her ass-cheeks, the swollen head bobbing up-and-down, wet and glistening… and my wife's pliant opening squeezing closed a little, but now a well-used rim of loosened pink skin.

Muffled by the pillow, my wife's throaty grunts suddenly changed to moaning sounds and pleading, incoherent whimpers… “Ohhh Bobby, I want him to do it more… I don't want it to stop…”

The emotional impact of hearing my wife whimpering and moaning was overwhelming and there was the squirmy feeling of seeing him sliding so smoothly out my wife's vagina… seeing the matted tangle of her fluid-smeared pubic hairs and her pink flesh stretched from the thrusting of a broad, thickly swollen cock-head. And now Lance wanted to get Megan’s panties off and I thought of him flipping her over onto her back… getting her legs wide apart and fucking her hard with that long stiff cock and I was starting to feel light-headed as I leaned down, grasping my wife's leg just above her knee.

Meg felt the warm touch of my hand grasping her leg; her eyes slowly opened, glazed eyes staring vacantly out at me, her breathing raspy, next to her parted lips, a little drool of saliva had left a damp spot on the pillow. She started mumbling, her pink tongue flicking across her lower lip …“It’s big and long Bobby… ohhh god it feels so big and long in my belly… ohhh Bobby I love the feeling of it in me.” I drew a deep breath to settle my nerves, then whispering close to my wife's hotly flushed face. “He’ll stop for just for a moment Meg …lift your knee, help me get your panties off.”

Unsteady, she lifted one knee and as I looked up again my head spun. I could see his glistening wet cock, still stiff, still angling upward from his groin… only inches away from my eyes… and I was beginning to lose it, feeling faint, somewhere in the vertigo of my swirling brain I remembered Lance still mumbling about getting Megan’s pants off. I pulled my eyes away, trying to clear my head, finally reaching down and tugging her elastic panty waist from under the one knee… my trembling wife shifted her weight, nearly toppling over, but Lance steadied her hips while I managed to tug her pink panties from under the other knee.

Before the panties even cleared her toes, my wife was shifting side-to-side, spreading her knees, making little whimpering noises and up-tilting her naked hips. My stomach lurched at the stupefying sight of my normally shy wife with her knees now wide apart, her naked hips lifted, blatantly displaying her private parts to another man. Fluids glistened in the open crack of her ass, wetly tangled curls of thin blondish-brown pubic hair and a little wet anal dimple were blatantly exposed and the vertical crease of her cunt… slightly spread and glistening.

Lance eased over, now kneeling up between Megan’s legs, her knees widely spaced apart, her smooth back up-curved… his still glistening wet cock bouncing up-and-down an inch away from the cease of my wife's ass. Once again that Aussie voice, its husky timbre again seeming to float into my swirling mind from the bottom of the planet…

“Last chance Bob… last chance to guide a stiff cock into your wife.”

My heart started pounding, my inhibitions lost amidst a swirl of conflicting emotions, resting a hand on my wife's warm hip, the other trembling hand reached out… toward the slippery length his up-trusting cock… a pulsing warm, fluid smeared cock that he'd just slipped of my wife.

Wanting to touch it, still afraid to touch it, I paused, apprehensive, my trembling fingers a few inches from his glistening cock… again thinking of guiding the swollen cock-head back between the cheeks of my wife's up-canted ass. Drawing a nervous breath, I finally eased my shaky fingers underneath it… near the base, close to his testicles, cautiously letting my thumb curl over the top of it… and I could feel it… the alien sensation of touching another man’s genitalia, feeling the warm tubular shape of it in my fingers… and the strangeness of feeling my wife's slippery vaginal fluids on the smooth bare skin of another man’s cock.

My eyes darted back to my wife's spread buttocks, to her shimmering pink cunt; a tiny drool of creamy mucus oozing out of the little pea sized opening and I could feel the weight of his cock, its slippery warmth as I guided the thick pulsing head back into the crack of my wife's bare ass.

The sinewy length of it was throbbing in my hand and I could feel the fluid warmth of my wife's secretions under the curl of my fingers… revulsion washed through my squirmy stomach and I swallowed hard, swallowing down the shame and utter revulsion. And the anguish… ohh god the anguish, but still, the wild, belly-tightening thrill as I guided his cock between her cheeks, the strange feeling of easing the fattened head of another man’s cock against the tiny button of my wife's dainty wet anus… pausing while she shivered and whined, then pressing it downward, guiding it across the little hairless strip of her perineum… the swollen bare head coming to rest against the slippery rim of her opening… thin fleshy folds, soft and pliant quickly forming around the end of his prick…

Anxious, with a trembling hand I held his cock in place… the head snuggled against the mucus coated rim my wife's pink opening… hearing her gasp of breath… feeling the length of it pulsing in my hand as my wife's warm flesh began closing around it… the thickly swollen head easing deeper… then the long slippery length of his cock slipping smoothly through my fingers… feeling its bony hard length sliding through my fingers and into the clingy wet warmth of my wife's cunt… the warm pulsing head sliding deep into her belly and the squirmy feeling of his testicles settling against the back of my hand.

Lance’s hunched his back, inserting the last inch of his cock, quickly tightening his groin against the crack of my wife's ass… and pinning my right hand between their connected genitalia, my thumb and one finger was still curled around the base of his slippery cock, and I could feel the fluid warmth of my wife's vagina and their meshing pubic hairs pressing against my fingers. The touch of revulsion began creeping deeper into my stomach, but I held my hand in place, my other three fingers still splayed across the curve of my wife's right ass cheek and I could feel the mound of her pubic bone against the edge of my palm, her squirming hips rubbing curly hair and the wet tip of an aroused clitoris against my palm. Then it started… his long sinewy cock began gliding back-and-forth and I could feel the movement of Megan’s hips… her warm bare ass under my hand and the tubular shape of his long slippery cock sliding through the circle of my fluid smeared fingers… the long sticky length of it sliding smoothly in-and-out of my wife… and the unnerving feeling of his testicles plop-plopping against the back of my hand...

The nausea spread up into my throat, light-headed, struggling to breath; I eased my wetly smeared fingers from around his cock and slipped my hand from between their connected bodies. With my hand out of the way, it began in earnest, this handsome young Aussie man fucking Megan harder, hunching his hips, his strongly muscled stomach smacking into the crease of my wife's ass. It seemed the louder she cried, the more she wailed and moaned, the harder and deeper he thrust his cock, time-and-again burying the thick plum-shaped head deep into her shivering belly. With my hands now cupped back over my wife's bare buttocks I could feel her hips bouncing, the firm flesh of her ass quivering with each punishing thrust.

Lance was vigorously fucking my wife, now leaning over Megan’s up-lifted ass and hunching his strong back. With her legs wide spread, the angle was steeper; it was like rabbits fucking, punching his cock into her quick and fast, long slippery, ass smacking jabs… my wife whimpering, Lance grunting and mumbling under his breath…

I could feel the jerky side-to-side movement of the bed, creaking sounds and Lance mumbling. “They learn to love it Bob… the shy ones quickly learn to love the thrill, the strange emotional power of fucking another guy whilst a nervous husband sits there watching…”

He paused, tight against my wife's buttocks, a brief hiatus as he caught his breath.”

He leaned slightly away, one hand wiping the sweat from his brow, a bit of glistening tubular muscle, a least two inches in diameter appeared between the cheeks of my wife's behind… he let it slide out, half the slippery length of it, then quickly hunching his back, again forcefully punching the broad cock-head deep into the pit of my wife's belly… her ass bounced, she grunted, a deep throaty moaning grunt.

“They learn to control and torment hubby,” he continued his mindless mumbling. “They grunt and moan, with hubby watching they roll their teary eyes and squeeze his sweaty fingers.”

Mumbling under his breath, his eyes were closed… head tipped back, his hands also holding onto the cheeks of my wife's ass and pumping his long slippery cock into her. Long smooth quick thrusts… the mucus smeared length of it flashing into view, glistening in the soft lamplight for barely an instant… then the long sinewy tube disappearing into the slight shadow between my wife's up-angled buttocks… glistening fluids everywhere, in the crack of my wife's ass, oozing into their meshing pubic hairs, his cock, the entire length of it smeared with my wife's vaginal fluids.

My thumbs were resting against the dimples of my wife's lower spine, my palms cupped over her bouncing hips… with my head close to her splayed buttocks; I couldn't help but hear the soft, squishy wet sound of skin-to-skin sex, the sound of my wife being vigorously fucked by another man… the pink flesh of her creamy-squishy-wet cunt tightly squeezed around the stem of his sliding cock. I could feel the tension, my heart pounding as my married virgin took thrust after thrust of another man’s long slippery cock.

It went on, minute after minute, another man fucking my whimpering wife, thrust after thrust of a stiffly erected cock, a trickle of sweat running down his spine, my wife gasping for breath and the army of creepy-crawlies marching around in my belly, their stomping boots marching to the tempo of his muscular stomach going smack-smack-smack against my wife's bouncing bare ass.

“Any moment Bob… your wife's about to orgasm on my cock… any moment… she’s real close,” he was still mumbling under his breath and punching the head of his cock into the pit of Megan’s belly.

Amidst the fleshy smacking sound of naked skin against skin, I could hear my wife's squeaky little cries and the gasping of her breath. I looked down at her pretty face, at strands of tangled blonde hair obscuring a hotly flushed cheek, quick little breaths bursting through parted lips, the blue eyes squeezed shut, a little drool of saliva at the corner of her mouth… and there was the sound of an intense fucking, the squishy sound of his sliding cock, her cries growing sharper… her blonde head tossing, strands of golden hair spreading across the white bed pillow.

I twisted around, moved one hand from my wife's hip and eased it under her stomach… the curve of her stomach under my fingers, the indent of her belly button snuggled against my palm, I could feel the little swiveling movement of her ass and the thumping impact of his cock punching deep into the pit of her stomach, the ridge of her belly muscles straining, bunching and tightening… the spastic quivers of an approaching orgasm.

“Now Bob… now,” he grunted, and I felt my wife arch her back, a little around-and-around swiveling of her buttocks and I saw his fingers tightening around her hip bones, his thumbs pressing into the fleshy curve of her wiggling ass, tugging her rump firmly against his stomach… pulling the slippery warmth of her cunt onto the very last inch of his long up-slanting cock… and he held her there, the head of his cock deep in her belly… her squirming bare ass tight against his stomach and then…

Glassy blue eyes rolled and suddenly… a long wailing cry, the muscles of her stomach quivering under my palm, spastic ripples running up the ridge of her belly muscles, her rippling cunt tightening around his deeply imbedded cock. I heard Lance gasp, my head turned, my eyes flashing back between her splayed buttocks. He was looking down between my wife's buttocks, his hips rocking slowly, skillfully matching the rhythmic spasms of Megan’s orgasm… and holding her hips in place, keeping my shuddering wife from toppling over.

My heart was pounding as I watched Megan’s first orgasm with another man, all but a fractional inch of his cock held deep in the pit of my wife's clutching belly… the salmon pink skin of her rippling cunt gripped around the slippery length of his cock… and I could see her fluid smeared anus flexing, a spastic tightening and loosening of the little anal button as the strong orgasm rippled through her loins

Lance was starting to sweat and it was the moment I expected him to cum in my wife, but he just held her hips in place, his lower stomach still pressed tightly against her buttocks, the head of his cock deep in Megan’s belly as he let her orgasm run its course… the throaty gasping, the swiveling of her ass gradually slowing, her fingers clutching the bed sheet went limp.

Lance raised his hand, smiling, again wiping the sweat off his forehead, “My god, she orgasms so beautifully,” he murmured.

His fingers loosened on Megan’s hips, leaning slightly back, letting my exhausted wife slide off the length of his long slippery cock. My pulse leaped when I saw it sliding out through her wetly tangled pubic hairs… the thickly swollen head slipping smoothly out, leaving the dilated pink opening of her cunt stretched to about the size of a nickel… then quickly contracting… squeezing closed, just a little loose dimple of gluey flesh disappearing between the slippery folds of her vulva. Weak-kneed, she toppled and rolled over onto her side… a fetal position with her knees pulled up toward her bare breasts, between her curvy ass cheeks, her cunt, now just a shimmering crease of loosened pink under a thin tangle of wetly matted hairs.

Quickly I leaned down, anxiously stretching out beside her on the bed; my shy little wife had just been vigorously fucked by another man and she was limp, barely moving, gasping for breath. I brushed her tangled blonde hair aside and pressed my lips against her hot cheek, dark lashes fluttered. “Sweetheart,” I whispered softly. She stirred, her blue eyes blinked open, glazed eyes, unfocused and staring up at me. I grasped her shoulder, squeezing gently. Gradually her eyes focused, “Meg… sweetheart, are you okay?”

“Ohhh Bobby,” she gasped, “ohhh darling, I can hardly breathe, but I loved it… ohhh my god, I loved it.”

She’d loved it, that first time feeling of another man’s cock and he wasn’t finished with my wife. Lance was sitting back on his heels, his exposed cock, still up-thrusting and glistening wet… there would be more, much more. We stretched out on the wrinkled bed sheet, the three of us; an exhausted Meg curled up on her side between us…

I leaned close to her flushed face, brushing more of the tangled hair off her cheek and lightly kissing her lips, they were warm, almost feverishly warm. I heard her draw a deep breath, a breath that ended with a little sob of remorse and I felt her fingers creeping onto my hand, squeezing lightly; I looked down into her eyes… watery blue eyes blinking, tears suddenly welling up, little sparkling droplets clinging to her dark lases like tiny diamond chips.

“Bobby, you aren’t sorry are you? I love you, do you still love me… like before?”

“Sweetheart… didn’t I promise… double promise?”

“Mmm hum,” she murmured.

A moment later, the similar question, this time in her whispery soft little-girl voice, “Bobby, you'll always keep that promise… won't you?”

I reached for a pillow, slipped it under her head and began to smooth some of the tangles out of her long silky blonde hair. Meg was slightly sweaty, the vaporous scent of lovemaking rose from her warm loins and her soft cheek was warm under my fingertips as I tucked a few golden strands behind her ear. I leaned down again, my breath against her pearly-white ear. “Darling,” I whispered, “I'll always love you… till forever and ever.”

Another silent moment passed, a much longer moment as her breathing gradually slowed, “Bobby, if we still love each other… well…”

She paused, the wet tears had been blinked away, and now, bright blue eyes, not so innocent eyes, were staring up at me. Again, in that little-girl voice…

“Honey, if you still love me… well, I'd like Lance to… to fuck me a little bit more…”

“Only a little bit more?”

Uh-huh, but, well maybe a lot more…” she blushed, a little sparkle in her still moist eyes.

I glanced at Lance; his fluid smeared cock was leaning a bit to one side, but still well stiffened out, and I saw him trying to hide the little smile on his handsome face. “Let’s let Meg rest for a few minutes… then we’ll turn your pretty wife over onto her back… give you a chance to see her feet bounce.”

I felt my wife's naked body against mine, her lovely blonde head snuggling against the side of my neck, heard a little girlish giggle and then her warm lips brushing against my skin, “Bobby,” she whispered in a teasing voice…“while you were watching… did you come in your pants?”

“Not… not quite,” I muttered as the transformation began settling into my awareness, the abrupt shift from shy married virgin to the naked ‘hot-wife’ I was now holding in my arms.

Another giggle… felt her hand sliding across my leg, her warm fingers cupping over the lump in my pants…

“But you loved it didn't you, watching Lance fuck me? …Bobby would you like to unzip your pants and let me hold your penis in my hand while he fucks me some more … and comes in me?”


Continued in part 8… {{{My darling little hot-wife is tipped onto her back}}}


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When a married woman offers the precious gift of her body to another man, he must give something in return, not diamonds or jewles... but a treasured memory, one that will live in the secret corners of her mind forever.

(Bertram W. Bronson, Malibu 2007)

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by tay » Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:30 pm

WOW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what a story!!!!!

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by our_cass » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:58 am

Awesome story! You go girl!
"There are no good girls gone wrong - just bad ones found out"
Mae West

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by rickflst » Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:59 am

Another awesome story now to anxiously await part 8!

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by Scotch98 » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:37 am

Geez Bertram, This story is almost as good as using Cialis. This is a very Hot Story and can't hardly wait for part 8. At one time you had mentioned that possibly your wife would write this story and give the Ladies POV. I think that would be extremely sexy....Hope you can do that in the future. Contrasting the male and Female POV could be quite interesting....Great story....Cheers,

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by andyupnaway » Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:43 pm

Great addition to a very erotic story. Agree with prior post, hope you can add "Megan's" POV in next installment. Please continue writing...


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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by sheacouple » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:21 am

5 thumbs up on this one! Maybe this post will put it back on top where it needs to be. Congrats!

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Re: ' Do My Pretty Wife… but let me watch ' …(Megan, Part

Unread post by leader7688 » Thu May 31, 2012 8:05 pm

Another from the Master. More!!! More!!! Pretty Please!!!

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Re: ' Do My pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by Ares_V » Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:28 pm

Bertram W. Bronson is one of the greatest erotic writers that I have ever read. The quality of his writing is so high that I suspect in the real world he is a professional writer of very high regard. I just hope he continues to provide us with great material in our erotic interest area well into the future.

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Re: ' Do My pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by BkkDennis » Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:13 am

We wait and wait for the erotic Part 8 :)

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Re: ' Do My pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by antithesis » Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:24 am

BkkDennis wrote:We wait and wait for the erotic Part 8 :)
i check almost every day.

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Re: ' Do My pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by SjorsenSjimmyNL » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:18 am

antithesis wrote:
BkkDennis wrote:We wait and wait for the erotic Part 8 :)
i check almost every day.
We too :!:

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Re: ' Do My pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Par

Unread post by tay » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:52 pm


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Re: ' Do My pretty Wife... but let me watch ' ...(Megan, Part 7)

Unread post by tay » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:37 pm

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